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Mr Whitelaws Practice falls into three main areas
With a few exceptions the majority of the surgery he performs is carried out laparoscopically.
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Gallbladder Surgery

He specialises in the treatment of gallstones and all the problems that gallstones cause. These include biliary colic (the very painful passing of gallstones down the bile duct), cholecystitis (inflammation & infection of the gallbladder), jaundice caused by gallstones blocking the bile duct and pancreatitis (extremely painful inflammation of the pancreas). Every case of complicated gallstones is different and he has a comprehensive approach with expertise in all the different techniques available to deal with these situations such as; Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (keyhole gallbladder removal),  Laparoscopic bile duct exploration for stone removal from the bile duct, Endoscopic bile duct exploration (ERCP) and occasionally Laparoscopic bile duct bypass for strictures caused by gallstones.

He also specialise in the assesment and treatment of pancreatic and biliary tumours and cancer.




Weight Loss Surgery

The most suitable weight loss procedure for any individual is a personal choice depending on their own circumstances.  He offers a comprehensive range of weight loss procedures and operations. All patients are assessed by the multi-disciplinary team of specialists including a Consultant Physician, Dietician, Consultant Psychologist and Consultant Anaesthetist.  He has expertise in undertaking laparoscopic gastric band, laparoscopic gastric bypass, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic revision surgery, gastric band removal and intra-gastric and Obalon balloon placement.  He also offers gastric band adjustments in the clinic for those who already have a gastric band in place.  As a result of his experience undertaking weight loss surgery, He also treast a large number of patients who are overweight and require surgery for other conditions such as gallstones or hernias. 




Hernia Surgery

He has extensive experience treating all types of abdominal and groin hernias in both men and women.  He specialises in repairing hernias laparoscopically.  This includes groin hernias (Inguinal, femoral & Re-do), Sportsman's hernias, parastomal hernias (hernias beside a colostomy or iliostomy) umbilical and ventral hernias and all incisional hernias which result from previous operation scars.  For groin hernias (inguinal, femoral and re-do repairs),  He favours the laparoscopic "Totally Extra Peritoneal" (TEP) technique which is the least invasive laparoscopic technique and usually leads to a very rapid return to normal activity. In certain circumstances however, this type of repair is not appropriate, in which case, the alternative "Trans-Abdominal, Pre-Peritoneal" (TAPP) repair can be done instead.

Gallbladder Surgeon Hertfordshire
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