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Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopic surgery, often known as "keyhole surgery" is now considered the best way to do most abdominal operations. It involves a general anaesthetic and 3-5 very small incisions 5-12mm long.  It has many benefits over conventional open surgery, but the main ones are less post-operative pain, a quicker recovery and return to normal activities, less chance of wound infections and incisional hernias and a lower rate of post operative chest problems.  
Mr Whitelaw does all surgical procedures by laparoscopic surgery except in the very rare situation when there is a specific reason to do the operation by conventional open surgery, so unless otherwise indicated all surgical procedures decribed here are laparoscopic (keyhole) operations. He is an laparoscopic experienced Gallbladder, Hernia and Weightloss Surgeon.
Gallbladder Surgeon Hertfordshire
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