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Mr Whitelaw is always happy to visit GP practices, throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridge and provide information about how best to help patients with weight problems, jaundice, gallstones and hernias. I have given a large number of talks on these subjects and below is a flavour of the types of subjects I'd be happy to give a talk on.


Weight loss Surgery

Gastric bypass for the overweight patient, pros and cons.

Co-morbidity (diabetes, sleep apnoea, heart  disease, hypertension) in the overweight patient: is surgery the answer?

Weightloss surgery performed overseas – potential problems and how to negotiate them.

Managing band refills, revision surgery and dietetic needs.

Obalon/Gastric Balloon for weight loss.



Gallbladder Surgery

ERCP – cholecystectomy in one referral.

A Single Admission Biliary Service.

Laparoscopic bile duct exploration.

Management of the Jaundiced Patient.

Update on acute Pancreatitis.



These are examples of the educational talks I am able offer to GPs and Practice Staff.  If there is something specific to your practice that comes within one of these areas or within the upper GI general surgical parameter’s I am always happy to tailor a talk. Please get in contact either by phone 07715346331 or by email:



Hernia Surgery

Laparoscopic TEP and TAPP Hernias advantages and differences.

Recurrent Hernia and treatment with Laparoscopic Surgery.

Gallbladder Surgeon Hertfordshire
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